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Accessed Phenomenon Outcome Information of Interest Ishikawa (Fishbone) Variance Diagram Within Experimental Unit (Animal) Infectious Agent Time Effects Design Factors Measurement Procedures Analysis Procedures Between Subjects Subjects’ Environments Investigator Observation Data Quality Strain Variation Adaptive Response Heterogeneous Lesion Distribution Homeostasis Homeorrhesis Stimulus Response Lag Genetic Variation Nutritional Differences Comorbidity Differences Climatic Differences Reagent Batch Variation Dynamic Range Limitations Storage Effects Process Errors Selection Effects Spectrum Range Parametric vs. Non
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Unformatted text preview: ‐ parametric Assumption Violations Translation Errors Control Selection Concurrency Validation Intraobserver Variation Interobserver Variation Subjectivity Pathway Confounders Surrogate Markers Geographic Differences Seasonal Effects Disease History Transcription Errors Manipulation Errors Sample Loss Analytic Precision Comorbidity Sample Size External Validity JM Gay 1.1 10/11 Internal Validity Representiveness Biological Phenomenon of Interest Diurnal Effects Coinfections Physiological Cycles...
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