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OutlineScoringRubric12 - Study Outline and Prcis Scoring...

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Study Outline and Précis Scoring Rubric - 2012 Criterion Excellent - 4 Good - 3 Fair - 2 Unacceptable - 1 Title Catchy, concise & fully informative Concise & informative Too wordy, missing information Misleading, not informative Research Question Concisely stated as a clearly testable hypothesis that includes all the important factors Hypothesis clearly stated Poorly stated question, too broad or missing some of the factors Unclear, untestable question Specific Aims Clearly defined and clearly accomplishable Clearly defined and likely accomplishable Very fuzzy and potentially too broad Far too broad and impossible Significance Very novel approach and clinically very important Novel and clinically relevant Lacks in significance or novelty “Me too ism” already well done Approach Strongest design including all important components Strong design including key components to minimize bias and error Potentially weak design or missing some key components Inappropriate design for this question Subject
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