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VMS 576Syllabus12 - VMS 576 Introduction to Veterinary...

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VMS 576 Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Research (2 credits) 2012 Syllabus Designing, executing, analyzing and reporting clinical research fundamental to practicing evidence-based medicine. Objective: The purpose is to develop your understanding of clinical research fundamentals and to coach you through developing a strong research grant proposal for research that you will carry out under the guidance of your faculty advisor as a component of your WSU program. You are expected to obtain your advisor’s guidance and approval throughout the proposal development process. Near the end of the semester, you will submit this proposal to the VCS Research Committee for their evaluation of funding worthiness. This evaluation is the primary component of your grade. Because this scoring is not a ranking, they could score every proposal as fundable, none as fundable, or something in between. This proposal may be either for VCS intramural funding or for extramural funding but must meet the budget and format requirements of the funding source. During the class, you will gain perspective through providing critical reviews of classmates précis and proposal drafts. At the end of this class you will: Understand the components and flow of the scientific research cycle Use resources supporting literature searches (e.g. Web of Science, PubMed) efficiently and be aware of bibliographic software (e.g. EndNote, Zotero) options Develop strong research questions, construct directly testable hypotheses for addressing these, and strong justifications for your approach. Select suitable study designs to address these questions, appropriately incorporating key design components (e.g., randomizing, allocating, blinding, blocking, controlling, replicating) into the design and avoiding major design and analysis flaws Apply relevant consensus statements, such as CONSORT, MOOSE, PRISMA, REFLECT, STARD, STROBE, and MIFlowCyt Incorporate relevant validated clinical and laboratory standard methods and standard materials,
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VMS 576Syllabus12 - VMS 576 Introduction to Veterinary...

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