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Research Proposal Outline and Précis Format: 1 or 2 pages , same document format as proposal (1 inch margins, 1.5 line spacing and 10 point font) with line numbers for reviewer reference with the following headings (modified from Hulley 3 rd , pg 15) Proposal Title: Concise, descriptive title providing information on topic and approach that engages and informs reviewer Primary Research Question: (Holmes Chap. 2, Hulley 3 rd Chap. 2, R&C Chap. 2) Overall research hypothesis stated as a concise, specific question that can be objectively tested Specific Aims: Up to 4 bulleted, concise specific aims, specific aims being the logically sequenced (but not dependent) major steps, each with a clearly defined deliverable or accomplishment (key words - establish, identify, characterize, compare, correlate, demonstrate, validate), that are required to answer the question Research Significance: Up to 4 concise bulleted statements describing the importance of this research to improving clinical medicine or advancing basic knowledge and answering the question why scarce dollars should be invested in this.
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