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4. Suffixes Denoting Relations, Conditions, and Agents Suffix Meaning Example____________________________ -ac related to cardiac - related to the heart -ious related to contagious - communicable by contact -ic related to pyloric - related to pyloric valve of stomach -ism condition mutism - condition of being mute -osis condition scoliosis - S-shaped condition of backbone -tion condition constipation - constant blockage condition -ist agent (a person) opthalmologist - eye doctor -or agent operator -er agent examiner -ician agent physician 5. Suffixes Used for Surgical and Operative Terminology Suffix Meaning Example____________________________ -centesis to puncture amniocentesis - puncture the amnion (fluid) -ectomy to cut out and remove appendectomy - cut out & remove appendix -ostomy to cut and form opening colostomy - opening to drain the colon -otomy to cut or slice tracheotomy - cut the trachea -pexy to fix or repair gastropexy - repair the stomach
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Unformatted text preview: -plasty to reform or repair rhinoplasty - reform the nose-rraphy to suture, sew ateriorraphy - suture an artery-scopy to view otoscope - instrument to view ear 6. Other Suffixes Used in Anatomy Suffix Meaning Example____________________________-algia pain neuralgia - nerve pain-cide kill or destroy germicide - substance that kills germs-emia of the blood cholesterolemia - cholesterol in the blood-gram writing or record electrocardiogram - record of heart action-graph recording instrument electrocardiograph - records the heart-itis inflammation appendicitis - appendix inflammation-ology the study of ophthalmology - study of the eye-oma tumor lymphoma - tumor of lymphatics-orrhea flow menorrhea - flow during menstruation-malacia soft osteomalacia - bone softening-phasia speech dysphasia - slurred or blunted speech-phobia fear arachnophobia - fear of spiders...
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