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Respiratory system B. Histology 1. mucosa - pits lined with glandular epithelium a. intestinal glands - secrete intestinal juice b. goblet cells - secrete mucus c. duodenal glands - secretion protects wall d. microvilli - fingerlike projections of cells e. villi - fingerlike projections of mucosa itself 2. circular folds - along length of entire tube X. Large Intestine - connects small intestine and anus (5 ft) A. Anatomy 1. cecum - small pouch at beginning of large intestine a. vermiform appendix - dangles from the cecum 2. colon - long tube (most of the large intestine) a. ascending colon - on right side b. transverse colon - across to the left side
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Unformatted text preview: c. descending colon - on left side d. sigmoid colon - terminates at rectum (~S3) 3. rectum- terminal eight inches of GI tract 4. anus- opening to outside a. internal sphincter - smooth musc. (involuntary) b. external sphincter - skeletal musc. (voluntary) B. Histology 1. mucosa a. NO villi or circular folds b. simple columnar epithelium and goblet cells 2. submucosa- similar to rest of GI 3. muscularis a. external layer - longitudinal smooth muscle b. internal layer - circular smooth muscle C. Function - water resorption/ electrolyte balance...
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