Cell Replication - E Metaphase 1 spindle fibers attach to...

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Cell Replication - Mitosis I. Overview of Mitosis A. General Characteristics 1. cells duplicate all chromosomes 2. one cell divides evenly to form 2 daughter cells 3. organelles and cytoplasm divided equally C. Interphase (normal part of cell life cycle) 1. centrioles (anchor microtubules) duplicated 2. DNA strands (chromatin) are duplicated D. Prophase 1. chromatin condense to form visible chromosomes 2. nuclear membrane slowly dissolves 3. nucleolus (ribosome factory) becomes disorganized 4. centrioles migrate to opposite "poles" of the cell 5. "spindle fibers" (microtubules) emerge from the centrioles, growing toward centromere of chromosomes
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Unformatted text preview: E. Metaphase 1. spindle fibers attach to centromere of chromosomes 2. chromosomes pulled tight along cell "equator" F. Anaphase 1. spindle fibers pull chromosomes apart at centromere 2. copies of each chromosome migrate to pole of cell G. Telophase 1. chromosomes uncoil and return to chromatin form 2. nuclear membrane reforms around the uncoiled DNA 3. nucleoli reform within the nucleus 4. spindle fibers disappear, each pole has 1 centriole 5. "cleavage furrow" forms, dividing cell into 2 cells H. Cancer - uncontrolled mitosis of a particular cell...
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Cell Replication - E Metaphase 1 spindle fibers attach to...

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