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D - b 2 fissures horizontal oblique c 3 sec bronchi...

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The Respiratory System D. Trachea (Wind Pipe) 1. larynx -> T5 ; anterior to the esophagus 2. C-shaped hyaline cartilage along the esophagus 3. carina - ridge at the bifurcation to the bronchi 4. intubation - tube down collapsed trachea 5. tracheostomy - hole in trachea; bypass obstructions E. Bronchi 1. primary bronchus -> secondary (lobar) bronchi 2. secondary bronchi -> tertiary (segmental) bronchi 3. tertiary bronchi -> bronchioles 4. bronchioles -> terminal bronchioles F. Lungs 1. outer pleural membranes (remember balloon analogy) a. parietal pleura - on thoracic cavity wall b. visceral pleura - covers the lungs 2. apex (cupula) - 1 inch superior to the clavicle 3. base - just above the diaphragm 4. costal surfaces - against the ribs 5. mediastinal surface - against the heart 6. hilus - bronchi, vessels, nerves enter and exit 7. cardiac notch - where heart lies near left lung 8. Right Lung a. 3 lobes - superior, middle, inferior
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Unformatted text preview: b. 2 fissures - horizontal, oblique c. 3 sec. bronchi - superior, middle, inferior d. thicker and broader than left e. higher to accomodate the liver 9. Left Lung a. 2 lobes - superior, inferior b. 1 fissure - oblique c. 2 secondary bronchi - superior, inferior 10. Bronchopulmonary segments - sec. bronchi supply a. lobule - own vessels & terminal bronchiole b. terminal bronchioles -> respiratory bronchioles c. respiratory bronchioles -> alveolar ducts d. alveolar ducts -> alveoli & alveolar sacs e. alveolar sacs - alveoli with common opening The Respiratory System 11. Alveoli - site of gas exchange with capillaries a. squamous pulmonary epithilial cells b. septal cells - secrete SURFACTANT 12. Layers of Alveolar - Capillary Membrane a. squamous pulmonary epithilium b. pulmonary basement membrane c. capillary basement membrane d. lining endothelium of capillary...
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D - b 2 fissures horizontal oblique c 3 sec bronchi...

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