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Energy and Work - in a cell when charged particles...

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Energy and Work * Energy- is the capacity to do work * Potential energy- energy contained in an object because of its position or internal state but is not being used to do work * Kinetic energy- energy of motion, energy that is doing work * Work- means to move something whether it’s a muscle or a molecule, breaking chemical bonds, building molecules, etc. Potential and Kinetic Energy Energy and Work * Chemical energy is potential energy stored in the bonds of molecules. * Chemical reactions release this energy and makes it available to do physiological work. * Heat is the kinetic energy of molecular motion * Temperature- the measure of the rate molecular motion * Electromagnetic energy- the kinetic energy of moving packets of radiation called photons (Ex: light) * Electrical energy- has both potential * in a battery when charged particles accumulated at a point
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Unformatted text preview: * in a cell when charged particles accumulate across a cell membrane kinetic * when electrons move through wires or * sodium moving across a cell membrane All Living Systems Need Energy For Physiological Work (Chemical Reaction) Chemical Reactions * A chemical change whereby compounds are formed or decomposed. * Accomplished by the making or breaking of bonds * reactants disappear as chemical change occurs. * products appear as chemical change occurs. * catalysts speed up the reaction, but aren't produced or consumed. There is Energy in Chemical Bonds * Energy is released when bonds are broken. * Energy is needed in order for bonds to form. The Nature of the Chemical Reaction Chemicals must * collide and * collide at the correct orientation Types of Chemical Reactions * Decomposition * Synthesis...
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