Epidermis - Integumentary System Epidermis (cont.) * has...

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Integumentary System Epidermis (cont.) * has four layers in most parts of the body * where skin is thicker due to exposure to friction, five layers may be seen * callus- abnormal thickening of the skin Integumentary System Five Layers * Stratum basale- single layer of cuboidal to columnar cells capable of continued cell division. * the cells multiply to produce keratinocytes * contains melanocytes and merkel cells * Stratum Spinosum- has about ten rows of polyhedral shaped keratinocytes with spine like projections. * can have melanocytes here * Stratum Granulosum- about five layer of cells with darkly stained granules. * Stratum Lucidum- consist of about five layers of clear flat dead cells. Only the thick skin of the palms and soles has this layer. * Stratum corneum- consist of about 30 rows of flat, dead cells completely filled with keratin. Integumentary System (cont.) Dermis- composed of collagen and elastic fibers giving strength, extensibility (ability to stretch), and elasticity (ability to return to normal shape after extension). * Striae- small tears in the skin due to extensive stretching
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Epidermis - Integumentary System Epidermis (cont.) * has...

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