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Human Anatomical Terminology

Human Anatomical Terminology - Ex-out from exhalation...

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Human Anatomical Terminology – Essential Components 1. Prefixes Indicating Location, Direction, and Tendency Prefix Meaning Example____________________________ Ab- from, away abnormal - away from normal Ad- to, near, toward adrenal - near the kidney Ante- before antepartum - before delivery of child Brady- slow bradycardia - slow heart beat Brev- short brevity - in a short time Circum- around circumocular - around the eye Co- with, together coordinate - work together Con- with, together congenital - with birth Contra- against contraindicated - not indicated Counter- against counterirritant - against irritation Dis- apart from disarticulated - taking a joint apart Ect- outside ectonuclear - outside the nucleus End- within endocardium - membrane lining inner heart Epi- upon, on top of
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Unformatted text preview: Ex-out from exhalation - breathe out Hypo-under, lower hypodermic - under the skin Hyper-above, higher hyperactive - higher level activity Im-not immature - not mature In-not incurable - not curable Infra-under, below infrapatellar - below the knee Peri-around pericardium - sac around the heart Post- after postmortem - after death Pre-before prenatal - before birth Pro- before prognosis - a fore-knowing Super-above, on top superciliary - above the eyebrow Supra-above, on top suprapubic - above the pubic bone Sym-with, together symphony - sounds played together Syn-with, together synarthrosis - union of bones Trans-through, across transurethral - through the urethra...
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