I4 - K. tubercle small, rounded process L. tuberosity...

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The Axial Skeleton I. Different Bone Markings - Essential Terminology * Depressions and Openings A. fissure cleft-like opening between adjacent parts of B. foramen hole through which blood vessels, nerves, ligaments can pass C. meatus tunnel-like passageway through a bone D. sinus cavity within a bone with narrow opening E. sulcus groove or depression that accommodates a soft structure such as vessels, nerve, tendon F. fossa depression in/on a bone; generally at a joint G. process prominent projection or point of attachment * Articular Processes (of the joints) H. condyle large, rounded articular (joint) prominence I. head rounded articular projection supported by a more constricted portion of a bone (neck) J. facet smooth, flat surface on a bone * Processes for Attachment (tendons, ligaments, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: K. tubercle small, rounded process L. tuberosity large, rounded, usually rough process M. trochanter large, blunt projection; only on the femur N. line less prominent ridge than a crest O. spine sharp, slender process P. epicondyle prominence found "above" a condyle 1 The Axial Skeleton II. Curvature of the Vertebral Column A. Normal Curves in Vertebral Column 1. cervical curve- concave posteriorly 2. thoracic curve- convex posteriorly 3. lumbar curve- concave posteriorly 4. sacral-coccygeal curve - convex posteriorly B. Abnormal Curves of the Vertebral Column 1. kyphosis- exaggerated thoracic curve (hunchback) 2. lordosis- exaggerated lumbar curve (slumping) 3. scoliosis- S-shaped deviation out of midsagittal plane 2...
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I4 - K. tubercle small, rounded process L. tuberosity...

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