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III. Ureters - carries urine from renal pelvis --> bladder A. Direction of Flow nephrons -> collecting tubules -> papillary ducts -> calyces -> renal pelvis -> ureters -> urinary bladder B. Histology 1. mucosa - inner coat; transitional epithelium 2. muscularis - inner/longitudinal; outer/circular 3. fibrous coat - anchors ureters in place IV. Urinary Bladder - just posterior to symphysis pubis A. Histology 1. mucosa - innermost, transitional epithelium a. remember stretching ability! b. rugae - folds that form when empty 2. submucosa - connective tissue 3. detrusor muscle - 3 layers of smooth muscle 4. serous coat - formed by peritoneum B. Valves 1. internal sphincter - circular smooth muscle
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Unformatted text preview: 2. external sphincter - skeletal muscle (voluntary) V. Urethra - from floor of bladder to body exterior A. Female 1. directly posterior to sym. pubis; ant. to vagina 2. urethral orifice - between clitoris & vag. opening 3. histology a. mucosa- innermost, transitional->stratified b. spongy tissue- intermediate, with veins c. muscularis- circular smooth muscle B. Male 1. directly below bladder, through prostate gland, through urogenital diaphragm, through penis 2. Histology a. mucosa- pseudostratified-> stratified squamous b. submucosa- connective tissue below c. urethral glands- lubrication secretion...
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