III2 - 1. insert into alveolar processes of...

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The Digestive System III. Oral Cavity (Mouth) A. Principle parts 1. cheeks 2. lips (labia), labial frenulum (attach to gums) 3. hard palate - anterior part of roof of mouth 4. soft palate - posterior part of roof of mouth 5. uvula - hanging portion of soft palate a. palatine tonsils between arches B. Tongue 1. skeletal muscle covered with mucous membrane 3. papillae - projections of lamina propria (bumps) a. filiform papillae - conical, no tastebuds b. fungiform papillae - mushroom, tastebuds c. circumvillate papillae - lined in V posterior C. Salivary Glands 1. parotid - between skin and masseter muscle 2. submandibular - beneath the base of tongue 3. sublingual - below the tongue itself 4. saliva - lubricate, dissolve, begin digestion D. Teeth
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Unformatted text preview: 1. insert into alveolar processes of maxilla/mandible 2. gingivae (gums) - connective tissue for teeth/bone 3. periodontal ligaments - attach teeth to bone 4. tooth structure a. crown- above the level of the gums b. root- one to three projections into socket c. neck- between crown and root on gumline d. dentin- hard shell of tooth e. pulp cavity- center of tooth f. pulp- lymph, blood, nerve, connective tissue g. root canal- passage through roots to the pulp i. apical foramen - opening at the base h. enamel- covers the dentin on the crown i. cementum- covers dentin on the root 5. dentitions - sets of teeth (20) a. deciduous teeth (baby teeth) i. incisors- chisel shaped ii. cuspids- tear iii. molars- grind b. permanent (secondary) teeth (32) The Digestive System...
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III2 - 1. insert into alveolar processes of...

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