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Introduction to Basic Chemistry Ions * Charged Particles * Electrolytes-salts that ionize in water and form solutions capable of conducting electricity * Many of the bodies operations are electrical * Electrolyte balance is very important in patient care Free Radicals * Free radicals- chemical particles with odd numbers of electrons * Produced by normal metabolism and exogenous products (carbon tetrachloride, cleaning solvent) and radiation (X-ray, UV light) * Damaging to the body * Antioxidants- neutralizes free radicals (Vit. C, E, Beta carotene) Antioxidants * Antioxidants- neutralizes free radicals (Vit. C, E, Beta carotene) Equal Sharing Important properties of water 1. Excellent solvent * solvent- a liquid that a solid is dissolved in * solute- the substance that is being dissolved 2. Can participate in chemical reactions
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Absorbs and releases heat very slowly * important is the body to resist temperature fluctuations 4. Requires a large amount of heat to change from a liquid to a gas * important in cooling the body from perspiration 5. Servers as a lubricant Characteristics of Water * Solvency- the ability to dissolve other chemicals * Hydrophillic- substances that dissolve in water * Hydrophobic- substances that do not dissolve in water * Cohesion- the tendency of molecules of the same substance to cling to each other * Adhesion- the tendency of one substance to cling to another * Chemical reactivity-the ability to participate in chemical reactions * Thermal stability-helps to stabilize the internal temperature of the body due to its high heat capacity...
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