IV5 - 3 free ribosomes scattered throughout cytoplasm 4...

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Structure of the Cell IV. Nucleus A. Structure and Composition 1. nuclear membrane - double lipid bilayer 2. perinuclear cisterna 3. nuclear pores 4. nucleoplasm (karyolymph) 5. Deoxyribose Nucleic Acids (DNA) a. chromatin - dispersed DNA, invisible b. chromosomes - condensed DNA, only when dividing 6. nucleolus - site of ribosome synthesis (see below) B. Primary Functions 1. house and protect hereditary material (DNA) 2. copy DNA to RNA so proteins can be manufactured 3. produce ribosomal RNA (rRNA) to make ribosomes V. Ribosomes A. Composition and Structure 1. rRNA (made in nucleus) and associated proteins 2. two subunits forming a 3-D granule B. Primary Functions 1. only site of protein synthesis 2. "read" the messenger RNA sent out from nucleus
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Unformatted text preview: 3. free ribosomes- scattered throughout cytoplasm 4. attached ribosomes- found on endoplasmic reticulum VI. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) A. Structure 1. cisternae- double membranous sacs 2. extend directly from the nuclear membrane 3. granular (rough) ER- have ribosomes attached 4. agranular (smooth) ER- no ribosomes B. Primary Functions Structure of the Cell 1. transport, storage, packaging of materials 2. surface area for cellular reactions 3. granular ER a. synthesis of proteins bound for secretion b. passes proteins to Golgi for processing 4. agranular ER a. storage area for Ca++ (muscle cells) b. lipid synthesis inactivation c. detoxification of harmful compounds (liver)...
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IV5 - 3 free ribosomes scattered throughout cytoplasm 4...

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