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Lecture 5 - 2 25-30 rows of dead keratinized cells 3...

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Lecture 5: The Integumentary System I. Function of Integumentary System A. Regulation of Body Temperature B. Protection from Dehydration and Infection C. Respond to Temperature, Pressure, Pain D. Excretion of Water, Salts, Urea (nitrogenous waste) E. Synthesis Vitamin D (essential for Ca + P absorption) F. First Defensive Barrier of Immune Response II. Structure of Integumentary System A. Epidermis (epithilial tissue) 1. stratum corneum 2. stratum lucidum 3. stratum granulosum 4. stratum spinosom 5. stratum basale
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B. Dermis (connective tissue) 1. papillary layer (region) 2. reticular layer (region) III. Structure of Epidermis (epithilial tissue) A. Different Cells of Epidermis 1. keratinocyte - produce protein "keratin" (structure) 2. melanocyte - produce "melanin" (pigment) 3. nonpigmented granular dendrocytes a. Langerhan's cells b. Granstein cells both assist in immunity B. Stratum Corneum 1. stratified squamous epithilium
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Unformatted text preview: 2. 25-30 rows of dead keratinized cells 3. keratinization occurs as cells rise from below 4. protects against light, heat, bacteria, chemicals 5. most superficial layer of epidermis C. Statum Lucidum 1. present only in thick areas (palms, feet) 2. contain clear substance called eleidin 3. eleidin eventually changes into keratin at surface D. Stratum Granulosum 1. cells from lower layers begin to die here 2. contain granules with keratohyalin 3. keratohyalin is precursor to eleidin and keratin E. Stratum Spinosum 1. 8-10 rows of polyhedral shaped cells 2. contain spine-like projections ("spinosum") F. Statum Basale (Stratum Germinativum) (germination) 1. deepest layer of the epidermis 2. single layer of cuboidal-columnar shaped cells 3. origin of all cells of epidermis through mitosis 4. origin of cells for sweat-oil glands and hair...
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Lecture 5 - 2 25-30 rows of dead keratinized cells 3...

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