The Eye - Separates interior of eye into 2 compartments...

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Anatomy of the Eye The Eye Outer Tunic * Sclera . * Tough connective tissue layer. covers most of eyeball and forms visible white part of eye. * Protective * Cornea. * Anterior transparent portion of sclera. * Window which helps focus light * Most blindness from cloudy cornea Middle Tunic * Choroid * Ciliary body * Iris * Lens Choroid * Highly pigmented layer which contains many blood vessels to nourish retina. * Posterior 5/6 of eyeball * Anterior portion becomes specialized into ciliary body and iris. Ciliary body * Rings eye forward from choroid. * Controls lens shape for accommodation. * Produces aqueous humor (fluid which nourishes non-vascular tissues of cornea and lens). Iris * Anterior to ciliary body. * Gives eye its color. * Controls size of pupil and how much light enters eye. Lens * For focusing light on retina.
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Unformatted text preview: * Separates interior of eye into 2 compartments. * Anterior cavity has aqueous humor * Larger posterior cavity between lens and retina has vitreous humor. Posterior Cavity * Vitreous humor in posterior cavity is semifluid, jellylike substance. * Enables eye to retain its spherical shape. * Failure to drain will --> increased pressure inside of eye = glaucoma . Pushes lens backward into vitreous humor, which is, in turn, pushed into retina. Can cause damage and blindness if not treated. Inner Tunic * Consists of retina. * Retina has 4 layers * Pigmented epithelium * Receptor cells (rods and cones) * Layer of bipolar neurons . Horizontal and amacrine neurons here too. * Layer of ganglion cells....
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The Eye - Separates interior of eye into 2 compartments...

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