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V. Microanatomy of Spongy (Cancellous) Bone A. General Features 1. many spaces filled with red marrow (not yellow) 2. most of epiphysis of long bones in adult 3. found in short, flat, irregular bones B. Trabecular Lattice Structure 1. trabeculae - irregular, sponge-like network 2. lacunae - spaces within trabeculae for osteocytes 3. spaces - filled with red marrow (hematopoiesis) VI. Ossification: The Formation of Bone During Development A. Different Cells Involved 1. mesenchymal cells - migrate to location in embryo 2. chondroblasts - cartilage formation 3. osteoblasts - bone formation B. Intramembranous Ossification (from fibrous membrane) 1. ossification center - where osteoblasts concentrate 2. osteoblasts secrete collagen fibers for matrix 3. calcification - Ca salts secreted to cement matrix
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Unformatted text preview: 4. osteoblasts surrounded --> osteocytes 5. trabeculae - result when hardened bone forms 6. spongy bone now in place with red marrow 7. in time, spongy bone reconstructed -> compact bone C. Endochondral Ossification (replacing hyaline cartilage) 1. cartilage "bone model" formed in the embryo 2. perichondrium - membrane around the cartilage 3. vessel penetrates cartilage, brings osteoblasts 4. cartilage converted into compact bone 5. perichondrium --> periosteum 6. chondrocytes gradually hypertrophy and die 7. vessels move into space and convert to bone 8. primary ossification center - in diaphysis 9. secondary ossification center - in epiphysis 10. epiphyseal plate - between the two, still cartilage...
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V1 - 4. osteoblasts surrounded --> osteocytes 5....

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