V4 - d. also sign of various types of cancer C....

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Circulatory Physiology V. Variations in Blood Pressure A. Measuring Blood Pressure 1. vital signs - blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, and body temperature 2. auscultory method of blood pressure measurement a. “sphygmomanometer” wrapped around upper arm b. inflate above systolic pressure of brachial a. c. pressure released, first sounds - systolic pr. d. disappearance of sounds - diastolic pr. B. Hypotension (below normal blood pressure, < 100/60) 1. factors - age, physical conditioning, illness 2. orthostatic hypotension - generally in elderly, drop in blood pressure during postural changes 3. chronic hypotension - ongoing low blood pressure a. low blood protein levels (nutrition) b. Addison’s disease (adrenal cortex malfunction) c. hypothyroidism
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Unformatted text preview: d. also sign of various types of cancer C. Hypertension (above normal blood pressure at rest, &gt; 140/90) 1. factors - weight, exercise, emotions, stress 2. chronic hypertension - ongoing high blood pressure a. prevalent in obese and elderly b. leads to heart disease, renal failure, stroke c. also leads to more arteriosclerosis d. primary hypertension - unidentified source i. high Na + , cholesterol, fat levels ii. clear genetic component (in families) iii. diuretics - promote water removal iv. NE blockers - slow vasoconstriction e. secondary hypertension - identifiable disorder i. kidney disorders Circulatory Physiology ii. endocrine (hormone) disorders iii. arteriosclerosis...
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V4 - d. also sign of various types of cancer C....

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