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VI. Cerebrum - two hemispheres containing 5 different lobes A. General Features 1. cerebral cortex - (gray matter) surface, cell bodies 2. cerebral tracts - (white matter) beneath, axons 3. gyri/convolutions - ridges of cortex 4. fissures - deep grooves/valleys between gyri 5. sulci - shallow grooves/valleys between gyri 6. longitudinal fissure - divide right/left hemispheres 7. corpus callosum - tracts connecting right/left 8. falx cerebri - dura mater in long. fissure B. The Lobes of the Cerebral Cortex 1. frontal lobe - under frontal bone a. central sulcus - frontal <-> parietal i. precentral gyrus - anterior, motor area ii. postcentral gyrus - post., sensory area b. lateral sulcus - frontal <-> temporal 2. parietal lobe - under parietal bone a. parieto-occipital sulcus
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Unformatted text preview: 3. temporal lobe- under the temporal bone 4. occipital lobe- under occipital bone (vision) 5. insula – buried deep within the lateral sulcus 6. Fiber Tracts - White Matter a. association fibers - within same hemisphere b. commissural fibers - between hemispheres i. corpus callosum ii. ant./post. commissures c. projection fibers - to lower brain & spinal C. Basal Ganglia - communication cerebrum <-> thalamus D. Limbic System - learning, memory, and emotions E. Functional Areas of Cortex 1. Sensory Areas a. primary vision - occipital cortex b. primary auditory - temporal cortex c. somatosensory - postcentral gyrus (homunculus) 2. Motor Areas- precentral gyrus 3. Association Areas- connect motor and sensory...
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