VII - c. stellate reticuloendothelial cells - phagocytose...

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Respiratory system VII. Liver - below diaphragm, most of Right Upper Quadrant A. Anatomy 1. right lobe 2. left lobe a. quadrate lobe - inferior b. caudate lobe - posterior 3. falciform ligament - divides left and right lobes 4. ligamentum teres - derived from the umbilical vein 5. bile capillaries (canaliculi) --> ducts 7. --> common hepatic duct --> cystic duct (gall bladder) 8. --> common bile duct 9. joins pancreatic duct at hepatopancreatic ampulla 10. hepatic artery - oxygenated blood 11. hepatic portal vein - brings nutrient blood 12. hepatic vein - return of blood to the heart B. Histology 1. lobules (make up each lobe) a. hepatic cells around a central vein b. sinusoids - spaces between plates; blood flow
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Unformatted text preview: c. stellate reticuloendothelial cells - phagocytose material C. Bile- molecules to help emulsify (digest) fats VIII. Gall Bladder - pear-shaped sac on inferior liver surface A. Histology 1. simple columnar epithelium- rugae like the stomach 2. NO submucosa 3. musculosa- smooth muscle fibers 4. outermost layer- visceral peritoneum B. Function - store and concentrate bile IX. Small Intestine - connects stomach & large intestine (2l ft) A. Anatomy 1. duodenum- first ten inches after stomach 2. jejunum- about next eight feet 3. ileum- last twelve feet; to large intestine 4. ileocecal sphincter- valve to large intestine Respiratory system...
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VII - c. stellate reticuloendothelial cells - phagocytose...

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