VII2 - b. cell "phagocytoses" (engulfs) particles...

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VII. Bone Growth and Remodeling A. Four Zones of Epiphyseal Plate - Longitudinal Growth 1. zone of reserve cartilage a. chondrocytes scattered throughout b. anchor plate to epiphyseal bone 2. zone of proliferating cartilage a. chondrocytes stacked together b. replace dead cells at diaphyseal surface 3. zone of hypertrophic cartilage a. larger chondrocytes, close to diaphysis b. chondrocytes form mature cartilage 4. zone of calcified matrix a. dead chondrocytes, calcified matrix around b. absorbed by osteoclasts c. osteoblasts lay down new bone on remains d. metaphysis - between epiphysis and diaphysis B. Bone Remodeling - Spongy Bone Converted to Compact Bone
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1. osteoclasts - resorption of old bone tissue a. lysosome release of digestive enzymes
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Unformatted text preview: b. cell "phagocytoses" (engulfs) particles 2. osteoblasts- lay down new bone in its place 3. bone constantly undergoes remodeling throughout life a. Ca needed in muscle, nerve, blood clotting b. fractures repaired immediately 4. Factors essential for proper bone growth a. Ca and P in proper amount in diet b. trace amounts of Boron and Manganese c. Vitamin D - regulates Ca metabolism d. Vitamin C - maintenance of bone matrix e. Vitamin A - osteoclast/blast function f. Vitamin B 12- osteoblast function g. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) - pituitary h. Calcitonin - thyroid, Ca absorption to bone i. Parathormone - parathyroid, Ca release to blood j. Sex Hormones - Testosterone + Estrogen...
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VII2 - b. cell "phagocytoses" (engulfs) particles...

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