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VII3 - 2 high energy required more mitochondria a muscle...

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Structure of the Cell VII. Golgi Complex (Apparatus) A. Structure 1. cisternae - lined up in stacks next to nucleus 2. cis, medial, and trans parts B. Primary Function 1. process, sort, package, deliver proteins 2. cis - closest to ER, receives new proteins 3. medial - alters protein to functional form 4. trans - forms secretory granules for protein release a. digestive enzymes b. antibodies c. secretory glands d. extracellular matrix material (see below) VIII. Mitochondria A. Structure 1. two-membrane structure a. outer mitochondrial membrane b. inner mitochondrial membrane (cristae) 2. matrix - within the inner membrane B. Primary Functions 1. powerhouse of the cell 2. foodstuffs (glucose) broken down in cytoplasm converted to useable energy "currency" called ATP 3. inner membrane contains "respiratory" enzymes C. Varied Distribution 1. low energy required - fewer mitochondria
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Unformatted text preview: 2. high energy required - more mitochondria a. muscle cells b. liver cells c. kidney tubule cells IX. Lysosomes Structure of the Cell A. Structure 1. single membrane enclosed spheres 2. primary lysosome- bud-off from Golgi complex 3. secondary lysosome- when fused with a vacuole B. Primary Functions 1. breakdown (digestion) of compounds and old parts 2. autophagy- "self eating" reuse old organelles 3. autolysis- "self destruction" of entire cell 4. release digestive enzymes to outside a. sperm entering egg during fertilization b. during repair of bodily injury c. osteoclasts- during bone growth X. Peroxisomes A. Structure 1. small, single membrane enclosed spheres B. Primary Function 1. breakdown hydrogen peroxide (toxic to cells) 2. catalase- enzyme that catalyzes breakdown...
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VII3 - 2 high energy required more mitochondria a muscle...

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