VII5 - D. Effects of pH (Acidity) 1. HIGHER...

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Physiology of Respiration VII. Oxygen Transport in Blood: Hemoglobin A. 1. oxyhemoglobin (HbO 2 ) - oxygen molecule bound 2. deoxyhemoglobin (HHb) - oxygen unbound H-Hb + O 2 <= === => HbO 2 + H + 3. binding gets more efficient as each O 2 binds 4. release gets easier as each O 2 is released 5. Several factors regulate AFFINITY of O 2 a. Partial Pressure of O 2 b. temperature c. blood pH (acidity) d. concentration of “diphosphoglycerate” (DPG) B. Effects of Partial Pressure of O 2 1. oxygen-hemoglobin dissociation curve a. 104 mm (lungs) - 100% saturation (20 ml/100 ml) b. 40 mm (tissues) - 75% saturation ( 15 ml/100 ml) c. right shift - Decreased Affinity, more O 2 unloaded d. left shift- Increased Affinity, less O 2 unloaded C. Effects of Temperature 1. HIGHER Temperature --> Decreased Affinity (right) 2. LOWER Temperature --> Increased Affinity (left)
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Unformatted text preview: D. Effects of pH (Acidity) 1. HIGHER pH--&gt; Increased Affinity (left) 2. LOWER pH--&gt; Decreased Affinity (right) &quot;Bohr Effect&quot; a. more Carbon Dioxide, lower pH (more H + ), more O 2 release E. Effects of Diphosphoglycerate (DPG) 1. DPG - produced by anaerobic processes in RBCs 2. HIGHER DPG &gt; Decreased Affinity (right) 3. thyroxine, testosterone, epinephrine, NE - increase RBC metabolism and DPG production, cause RIGHT shift Physiology of Respiration F. Oxygen Transport Problems 1. hypoxia - below normal delivery of Oxygen a. anemic hypoxia - low RBC or hemoglobin b. stagnant hypoxia - impaired/blocked blood flow c. hypoxemic hypoxia - poor lung gas exchange 2. carbon monoxide poisoning - CO has greater Affinity than Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide...
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VII5 - D. Effects of pH (Acidity) 1. HIGHER...

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