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VIII - cells stop when they meet 3 dead cells sluff...

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VIII. Skin Color A. Melanin - pigment made in melanocytes 1. in basale and spinosum layers of epidermis 2. melanoblasts -> melanocytes in stratum basale 3. darkness due to melanin quantity (not cell #) 4. albinism - inability to produce melanin 5. vitiligo - patchy loss of melanocytes 6. freckles - patchy concentration of melanocytes 7. UV light causes: tyrosine --> melanin production B. Carotene 1. in stratum corneum and fatty areas of dermis 2. melanin + carotene = yellowish color C. Other Colors 1. pink (Caucasian) - lack of pigment, capillaries 2. blue (cyanosis) - lack of oxygen in blood 3. yellow (jaundice) - liver disorder, protein release IX. The Healing Process : How Skin Repairs Itself A. Superficial Wound Healing - Epidermal Repair 1. epidermal cells of stratum basale migrate over area 2. contact inhibition
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Unformatted text preview: - cells stop when they meet 3. dead cells sluff off (scab) as new cells replace B. Deep Wound Healing - Dermal Repair 1. inflammatory phase- blood clot, fibroblasts 2. migratory phase- scab forms, epidermal migration a. fibroblasts make scar tissue (collagen fibers) b. damaged vessels grow into place c. granulation tissue- new scar tissue in place d. fibroplasia- period of scar formation i. hypertrophic scar - normal ii. keloid scar - abnormal 3. proliferative phase- new growth a. epithilium grows beneath scab b. fibroblasts make random collagen deposit (scar) c. blood vessels continue to grow 4. maturation phase- final healing process a. epidermis is restored b. fibroblasts disappear, collagen more organized c. blood vessels repaired to normal...
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