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VIII2 - leading to edema(fluid buildup in areas such as...

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VIII. A. Imbalance of Cardiac Output 1. congestive heart failure - heart cannot pump sufficiently to meet needs of the body a. coronary atherosclerosis - leads to gradual occlusion of heart vessels, reducing oxygen nutrient supply to cardiac muscle cells; b. high blood pressure - when aortic pressure gets too large, left ventricle cannot pump properly, increasing ESV, and lowering SV c. myocardial infarct (MI) - "heart cell death" due to numerous factors, including coronary artery occlusion d. pulmonary congestion - failure of LEFT heart; leads to buildup of blood in the lungs e. peripheral congestion - failure of RIGHT heart; pools in body,
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Unformatted text preview: leading to edema (fluid buildup in areas such as feet, ankles, fingers) B. Heart Pathologies (Diseases of the Heart) 1. congenital heart defects - heart problems that are present at the time of birth a. patent ductus arteriosus - bypass hole between pulmonary trunk and aorta does not close 2. sclerosis of AV valves - fatty deposits on valves; particularly the mitral valve of LEFT side; leads to heart murmur 3. decline in cardiac reserve - heart efficiency decreases with age 4. fibrosis and conduction problems - nodes and conduction fibers become scarred over time; may lead to arrhythmias...
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