Critique of Functionalism

Critique of Functionalism - What is a Theoretical...

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Unformatted text preview: What is a Theoretical Perspective? Critique of Functionalism 1. Functionalism Resists Change Invoking a biological model has certain built-in assumptions connected to it. Biological organisms do not perform very well when they encounter great change in their environment. Society, however, is not biological. It is social. Social systems can tolerate much greater change than can biological systems. 2. Functionalism is Inherently Conservative Change tends to be viewed as a negative consequence. All the parts of society act as a part of a unified system. Altering one part of the system has impact on all the other parts. There fore, there is a tendency is to protect existing institutions out of a fear that change in one area of society will adversely influence other parts of society. Fear of creating disorder in society is often used as a justification for avoiding change. III. The Conflict Perspective Conflict theorists see society less as a cohesive system and more as an arena of conflict and...
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Critique of Functionalism - What is a Theoretical...

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