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paper assigned by prof.winters - III Though Taka is...

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Thesis: The Last Samurai teaches lessons in tolerance through the Algren’s, Ujio’s, and Taka’s experiences. I. Though Nathan Algren’s one on one experience with the Samurai, he learned to respect the people he once disgraced. A. He uses terms like “Japo” and “Oriental” and says he will kill any Samurai for $500. B. When entering Taka’s home he leaves his muddy shoes on and gets mud on her floor. C. Learns to respect the Samurai, even fighting along side them in battle. II. Although Ujio was a wise and respected Samurai, he has prejudice towards Algren, and questions his intentions. This is until Ujio understands Algren, and accepts him for the soldier he is. A. Ujio thinks Algren is nothing more then an “arrogant American”. B. He begs his leaders permission to kill Algren. C. Algren duels Ujio, which ends in a draw.
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Unformatted text preview: III. Though Taka is repulsed by Algren in the beginning, she changes her judgments the longer he stays in her home and builds a relationship with him. A . Taka complains to Katsemoto that Algren smells awful and has no manners B . She requests permisson to kill herelf C . She finally accepts, and even loves him, enough to dress him her husbands armor. Conclusion: As seen in the Last Samurai, tolerance can only be attained through experience. A . Although Algren held himself arrogantly superior to Samurai, he learns to respect and appreciate them through experience. B . Ujio hated Algren for being an ignorant American until he realizes Algren is just a soldier as he is. C . Though Taka is disgusted by Algren’s presence in her home, she learns to love him ....
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paper assigned by prof.winters - III Though Taka is...

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