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Parental+Rights+and+Roles+2 (1)(1)

Parental+Rights+and+Roles+2 (1)(1) - Human Lifespan...

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January 23, 2012 Human Lifespan Development Parental Rights and Roles Going through nine months of pregnancy a person would think the responsibility of the child is that of the parents. In the last two decade there have been significant changes in the Parental right and roles. Parents are not making the best decision for the born or the unborn child. There are parent dealing with abortion rights, the right to smoke during pregnancy while causing potential harm to unborn fetus, and parents acquiring rights or rights taken away. In society today we have many unplanned births there no doubt about it. Studies discovered that on average 332,728 people have abortions in the United States every year. The only way to stop abortion is to stop selling them. Until it is deem illegal. The problem in our country is that people believe the only way to control birth is by having an abortion. Some people think that having an abortion is murder. Not everyone feels like abortion is murder. This question is always ask where life starts. Some say that no one knows when life starts and having an abortion is not murder. In discussing this matter with some doctors, and they believe the same way stated that no one can really tell when life starts. In addition, they went to tell me that life
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January 23, 2012 Human Lifespan Development could not live without the mother. It is believed life starts as soon as the woman and man concoctive a child. No matter if, the child is only an egg it is still a living being. My wife who is a nurse thinks very different than on this matter. She disagrees with me. My Wife think that in the early stages of the pregnant the egg is not a living human being it is just an egg with this we disagree because the only way for the egg to live is to feed off the Female. I not one to judge anyone for having abortion, it is a person choice. Some may think that it is a way to control births in the world. No have come up with a proven fact that abortion slows down and controls the Birth rate in the world. In our society, we are left to could or not does the birth control in this country work. Some people believe the over the counter meds do not work that the reason many turn to abortions. The crazy part of abortions is that 40% of unplanned pregnancies have abortions. There was a study done at University of Minnesota in which they found out that out of the 52,000 students 72% were females sexually active. In the end over 40% of unplanned pregnancies, which half of them resulted abortions. My personally opinion on the issue with abortion I think that it should be illegal for someone to even get abortion. The reason this is
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Parental+Rights+and+Roles+2 (1)(1) - Human Lifespan...

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