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Immigration Reaction Paper

Immigration Reaction Paper - Running head IMMIGRATION...

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Running head: IMMIGRATION REACTION 1 Immigration Reaction SOC/315
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IMMIGRATION REACTION 2 Immigration Reaction In today’s debate on immigration, people from all walks of life are sharing their own personal views along with the views of either side of the political establishment. Cultural conservatives on the right side of the political spectrum square off against the liberal left with its civil rights and race advocacy groups. The debate over immigration has focused on what many people call the illegal aliens, specifically those people who sneak across the Mexico/United States border. However, the number of undocumented residents who originally arrived in the United States legally and stayed past the allotted time allowed by their individual visas outnumbers the border crossers from Mexico. Although immigration can stress the economies of certain states, other states prosper from the cultural and economic boosts provided by immigrant labor. History of Immigration The United States is a country founded by immigrants for immigrants. From the earliest days of this country, immigrants came from Europe seeking a better life for themselves and their families free from religious and political persecution. From those early days of the founding fathers, immigrants came to the United States in steady waves of well to do business class and the middle to poor working class. More recently the United States has seen an influx of refugees arriving in masses from Cuba in the early 1960s, and Southeast Asia in the 1970s due to the downfall of local United States supported governments. Refugees escaping countries engulfed by the wave of the communist movement were granted immediate residency due to political persecution. This practice eventually stopped due to the overwhelming number of refugees
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Immigration Reaction Paper - Running head IMMIGRATION...

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