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Literature+Review - Literature Review Diversity Training at...

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Literature Review Diversity Training at the Workplace Work place diversity is a problem that had been around for many years. Throughout the years there has been a rising number of minorities being hired, which is a challenge to many business throughout the United States. According to the statistics in the article diversity in the workplace is becoming much more common, which has led companies to create policies and practices that give every employee an equal chance in the workplace, but there are still people being treated unethically because of their diversity. A few of the other activities that are found in this article specifically relate to the proposal of this research project as far as how companies aim to promote and accept workplace diversity and activities that might lead to a great acceptance of employee differences. Some of these activities include, “career tracks with appropriate resources, creating work-force diversity goals, establishing rewards for diversity goals that are met, and providing employees with skills needed to perform in a culturally diverse environment” (Wentling, n.d.). Understanding Ethical Diversity in Organizations Each business is different and may be dealing with different types of diverse employees, however ethics and morals are always important no matter if the minority is based on gender, race, or age. Most of the time friction between diverse employees is rooted from opposing morals and norms for ones culture or personal preference. The goal for this article is to try to find
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a medium for different personal moral codes so that employees work better together in an enjoyable environment. The big question in this article was directly related to a statement in the research proposal that was being sought out. There are research practices that businesses can
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