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Office Space - Office Space directed and written by Mike...

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“Office Space,” directed and written by Mike Judge is a comedy film released in 1999. The film lampoons the daily grind of a typical office full of cubicle dwelling employees. The focus of the story is on a group of Initech employees Peter, Michael, Samir, and Milton who are fed up with their jobs and their mind-numbing existence. Shortly into the movie, two consultants are brought into Initech to evaluate cost cutting moves by downsizing and outsourcing. Each employee at Initech is interviewed to determine which of them will be let go. The main character of the movie (Peter) fills his workday “staring at his desk” and trying to avoid Initech's unsympathetic vice president, Bill Lumbergh. Peter is uninterested, depressed, and taken advantage of at work. He reluctantly agrees to go to an occupational hypnotherapy session on the prejudiced advice of Anne, his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. The hypnotherapist
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