Week 3 paper - Running head: MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONAL...

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Running head: MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONAL FUNCTIONS 1 Management Organizational Functions MGT/330
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2 Management Organizational Functions An important characteristic to any organization in today’s business world is the organizing function. In general, the organizing function of management defines the process and the way in which people within the organization will interact with each other. The established organization functions at Kohl’s department stores and distribution centers has allowed the optimization of organizational resources to effectively and efficiently service the retail stores and their customers. Kohl’s Organizing Function of Management No business is able to operate and succeed without some form of planning, and the proper organizing of the organization allows a plan to be formulated. This function establishes the organizational hierarchy and the flow of managerial relationships. “The CEO occupies the top position and is the senior member of top management. The top managerial level also includes presidents and vice presidents. They are the strategic managers in charge of the entire organization” (Bateman & Snell, 2009, p. 294). The second level of management is the middle- management, this is the level of management that is responsible for the individual stores or distribution centers. Lastly, there is the lower-level management, which includes the front-line managers and supervisors as well as the associates who report directly to them (Bateman & Snell, 2009). An additional aspect of the organizing function of management is the aligning of the different levels of employees and the available resources to be used to reach common organizational goals. Kohl’s department stores are rapidly becoming the preferred retail outlet for many of today’s consumers. Kohl’s offers a customer focused approach where a commitment to the satisfaction and overall shopping experience has been significant to their success. Kohl’s
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Week 3 paper - Running head: MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONAL...

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