Anthro 2 - Jillian Poepsel Topics Unit 4 & 5 1-26-12...

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Jillian Poepsel 1-26-12 Anth 101 Article 17: When Brothers Share a Wife The Tibetans practice a form of marriage called fraternal polyandry, in which more than one brothers jointly share a wife. How do you feel about this form of marriage? Do you find it sexist and degrading to the wife or do you find it acceptable? If a brother knows that he is the father of a specific child, he still must treat all children equally. Would you find this hard to love all children the same? Do you think there would be favoritism despite the cultural ideal? There has never been any institutionalized female infanticide, nor any shortage of women. In fact, females have considerable rights including inheriting the family estate in the absence of brothers. Article 18: Death without Weeping “And Nailza had dangerously allowed herself to love the little girl.” This quote really stuck out to me because it appears so strange that loving a child could be seen as dangerous, especially when the child is an infant and totally pure and innocent. The author found that it was possible and hardly difficult to rescue infants and toddlers from some common forms of death; however, it was more difficult to get a mother to try to save her child from certain death because she perceived the child as better off dead. Do you think the author was being a proper ethnographer when she tried to save
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Anthro 2 - Jillian Poepsel Topics Unit 4 & 5 1-26-12...

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