Charecteristics of Chinese Travelers from HK

Charecteristics of Chinese Travelers from HK -...

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Unformatted text preview: Journal of Travel Research The online version of this article can be found at: DOI: 10.1177/004728750104000108 2001 40: 57 Journal of Travel Research Simon Wong and Elaine Lau Understanding the Behavior of Hong Kong Chinese Tourists on Group Tour Packages Published by: On behalf of: Travel and Tourism Research Association can be found at: Journal of Travel Research Additional services and information for Email Alerts: Subscriptions: Reprints: Permissions: Citations: at UNIV CALIFORNIA BERKELEY LIB on March 27, 2011 Downloaded from AUGUST 20 1 JOURNAL OF TRAVEL RESEARCH Understanding the Behavior of Hong Kong Chinese Tourists on Group Tour Packages SIMON WONG AND ELAINE LAU This study investigates the behavior of Hong Kong Chi- nese tourists when they take outbound group tour packages and the underlying dimensions of Chinese tourists cultural values. The behavior of Hong Kong Chinese tourists was col- lected using an arched semantic differential scale on 22 be- havioral questions. Tourists were asked to view more than 13 Chinese valuesextracted from the Chinese Value Survey in relation to travel behavior. Factor analysis identified four factors in Chinese tourists cultural values: social integra- tion, Confucian work dynamism, personal well-being, and moral discipline. Canonical correlation revealed that Hong Kong Chinese tourists preferred to travel in groups, be safe, and join all self-paid activities. Nevertheless, tourists placed a low value on personal well-being when joining group tour packages. Recommendations for tour operators, including safe activities, social interaction, exposure to local cuisine, and photo taking, are presented to improve group tour packages. TOURISM STUDY Tourism is a purposeful, planned, and motivated behav- ior (Fridgen 1991). People travel for various purposes: holi- days, business, and seeing friends and relatives. However, vacation travel makes up a large portion of the travel indus- try. For vacation travel, it has been found that taking a tour is the most popular mode of leisure travel among Hong Kong residents, with 63% of them purchasing all-inclusive tour packages (Mok and Armstrong 1995). The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Travel Monitors survey of the Asia-Pacific outbound travel market found that leisure was the main motivation for travel in Hong Kong, accounting for 66% of the trips in the study (PATA 1995). In 1996, around 3 million Hong Kong residents trav- eled overseas (Hong Kong Tourist Association [HKTA] 1996), not including travel to China and Macau, which were regarded as quasi-domestic destinations (Baldwin and Brodess 1993)....
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Charecteristics of Chinese Travelers from HK -...

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