Interesting Article - knowledge self-packaging

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Unformatted text preview: knowledge self-packaging Is it worth doing it for yourseif? Tailor-making a package can earn agents a far greater margin, but it carries far greater risks. Dave Richardson assesses the pros and cons of getting your own Atol L et's face it, the only way for independents to make money is to tailor-make their own packages I especially when competing with online discounts in the mass market. But isn't that a big hassle? Don't you let yourself in for all sorts of red tape and liabilities? And what about the new regulations that everyone's talking about? What is Flight Plus? Everyone laiows consumer protection is a mess. Companies regularly go bust and leave agents to pick up the pieces, sometimes at their own cost. The government has now announced changes to Atols, but they won't happen until early next year. They will mean that when a customer buys a flight and another holiday component, such as accommodation or car hire, "within a speci- fied short period", the whole trip will have to be covered by an Atol. This is known as Flight Plus, but the "specified short period" hasn't been decided yet it could be 24 hours. Its aim is to stop companies blatantly fiouting the rules, but it will penalise agents and operators as airlines will still be exempt. "Click-throughs" from airline websites to third party accommoda- tion and car hire suppliers won't be covered. So do agents need an Atol? Probably, and many agents already have one. The consora and other umbrella 30 groups can help, as some operate a group Atol scheme. TTA Worldchoice operates two models, the "T-Atol" for TTA members,...
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Interesting Article - knowledge self-packaging

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