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Essay #2 Topic 4 Is there a difference between desegregation and integration in reference to social issues and white and black America? Social Issues in black and white America often combine integration and desegregation into meaning the same thing. Integration is defined as to make whole, or to unify. The definition of desegregation is to abolish segregation. In reference to social issues these two words explain two very different ideas. If we view these two ideas within a certain example, such as integration in schools, it would not be the same as desegregation in schools. When schools became integrated few black students were added into white schools. This was the beginning of integration, to unite black and white students. Desegregation in schools could happen in a school where both black and white students were present. In this setting segregation is apparent and desegregation is a policy enforced within the school in which students are able to decide what races are acceptable within their own views. It is important to differentiate between desegregation and integration. Integration
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