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Communication Plan Template - Pratyahara Studios...

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Pratyahara Studios Communications Plan Major Objective: Taking an existing industry and building something that’s one step above. Pratyahara will be an innovative and successful business, generating revenue through the number of memberships sold and retained. Audience: Shareholders Instructors Company Employees Customers, both current and potential Communities Key Messages: Strategic objectives for the organization, including both vision and mission statements Implementation strategies and timelines for accomplishment The company’s value standard and ethical standpoint Timeline and Frequency: Annual meetings for shareholders, but can be more frequent if an issue arises that needs to be addressed Quarterly meetings for employees and instructors to reiterate the vision and mission, address issues, and discuss new plans for marketing, scheduling, etc. Constant communication with customers and communities through bulletins, advertising, seminars, etc. Delivery Approach: Ads in local newspapers and flyers to communicate to customers Internal newsletters and bulletins to communicate to employees
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Communication Plan Template - Pratyahara Studios...

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