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Week 1 DQ 1 Discuss how the law might affect you and your workplace? How does a specific aspect of the country's legal system contribute to impacting business? What would happen if that aspect was not present in the legal system? Hello All, This weeks reading mentions checks in balances in our government to make sure the proper laws are in place and our rights are protected. Florida at one time was very lax in their laws on the requirements of running a business in Florida. When the hurricane hit 17 years ago people were very desperate in wanting to protect their property so they would just give their money to anyone and it return receive nothing, Shortly after a series of complaints they put strong laws in place to protect their property. They now require a business license which, consists of taking classes and
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Unformatted text preview: passing a test on both the business you choose and financial. I am in commercial roofing commercial roofing and to obtain a business license is not easy. The laws help protect me as a business owner too. We file a notice to owner which lets the owner know if they don't pay we will lean their building. If you don't file this at your final for your permit, you wont get the permit closed. The procedural due process is such an important law for us. If we did not have this in place someone could sue us get a judgement and we would never know the case was going on. The due process requires us to be notified if we are being taken to court for any reason....
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