fin 370 week 2 internet - and were more trouble than they...

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Running Head: Internet Summary 1 Internet Summary Holly M. Hyatt FIN/370- Business Finance August 15, 2011 University of Phoenix Niki Silver
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INTERNET SUMMARY 2 Internet summary In the article the lack of speed, flexibility Hamper Corporate Finance Departments the author discusses the challenges that most businesses face because, it is so fast paced in the business world and the fiscal process. There was a study performed on about 340 finance professionals and from the information received many companies were able to determine the financial problems they were facing. The issues discussed by the author included how fast and accurate the problems were that were causing the financial departments of companies. This included topics like budgeting and forecasting was too slow and not accurate at all. (Anonymous, 2008) Most of the companies are using Excel to figure their budgets which is outdated and limited on the information it puts out. These inaccurate budgets and projections left many companies feeling unsure of them
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Unformatted text preview: and were more trouble than they are worth. When these companies did not find any problems they tried to find a way to help the fiscal process. They found it very confusing when trying to get information from other departments. (Anonymous, 2008) They also learned companies were going to start changing their process and find modern software that can accommodate their needs and get them on track. A recommendation was made for the use of management applications by Bill Soward (Anonymous, 2008) they mentioned the economy and the struggle for businesses to get a handle on their finances. This article enlightens the problems faced by companies and how the need to be faster and more accurate helped these companies address the problems with their finances and taking the companies in a new direction. INTERNET SUMMARY 3 Reference Anonymous . The CPA Journal. New York. Vol. 78, Iss. 5; pg. 19, 1 pgs...
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fin 370 week 2 internet - and were more trouble than they...

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