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Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. MAIN IDEAS ____ 1. The Free Exercise Clause gives people the right to a. assemble and express their views on public matters. b. hold meetings and parades on public streets without permits. c. believe whatever they choose to believe in matters of religion. d. exercise anywhere they choose. ____ 2. Which of the following statements about prior restraint is TRUE? a. Prior restraints are usually upheld by the Supreme Court. b. The Constitution guarantees the right of prior restraint. c. The Supreme Court has only rarely upheld prior restraints. d. Prior restraints are necessary to prevent censorship. INTERPRETING POLITICAL CARTOONS Use the cartoon to answer the following questions. ____ 20. The cartoonist depicts the democratic process as a. delicate. c. strong. b. dying. d. insensitive. ____ 21.
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chapt-19-webtest1 - 1 Chapter 19-TEST (HONORS) Multiple...

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