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Unformatted text preview: 01 ‫ٓؼ٘اٛا‬ ‫أٌُِح‬ ‫ٓؼ٘اٛا‬ ‫أٌُِح‬ ‫نلح‬ Lip ‫ضط‬ Line ‫هِ٤َ ، يـ٤ؽ‬ Little ‫٣ًـ٢ ، ٣ً٘د‬ Listen َ٣ٞ‫ط‬ Long ‫٣ؼ٤م ، ٣و٤ْ ، ٣س٤ا‬ Live ‫٣طكؽ ، ٣ُ٤غ‬ Lose ‫٣٘ظؽ ، ٣ؽاهة‬ Look ‫زة ، ٣سة‬ Love ‫ػاٍ ، ٓؽذلغ ، ياضة‬ Loud ‫٣ؼَٔ ، ٣ً٘غ‬ Make ٍ‫ٓ٘طل‬ Low َ‫ؼخ‬ Man ‫غًؽ‬ Male ‫٣رؿٝج‬ Marry ‫ًث٤ؽ ، اُؼع٣ع‬ Many ، ‫ٓؿ٣ح ، ٣ٔؿج‬ ‫٣طِط‬ Mix ‫ؼتٔا‬ May ‫يثاذ‬ Morning ‫هٔؽ‬ Moon ّ‫أ‬ Mother ْ‫أًثؽ ، ٓؼظ‬ Most ‫ًث٤ؽ‬ Much ْ‫ك‬ Mouth ‫ظلؽ ، ٓكٔاؼ‬ Nail ‫٣دة ، ٣رٞخة‬ Must ‫هؽ٣ة ، ٣ورؽب‬ Near ‫َ٤ن ، ٣ُ٤ن‬ Narrow ‫ؼهثح‬ Neck ١‫َؽٝؼ‬ Necessary ‫نثٌح‬ Net ‫زاخح ، ٣سراج‬ Need َ٤ُ Night ‫خع٣ع‬ New ‫ال‬ No ‫ذكؼح‬ Nine ١‫ػاظ‬ Normal ‫اُظٜؽ،ٓ٘رًق اُٜ٘اؼ‬ Noon ‫أٗق‬ Nose ٍ‫نٔا‬ North ٕ٥‫ا‬ Now ‫ال ن٢ء‬ Nothing ‫ٌٓرة‬ Office ‫ؼهْ ، ػعظ‬ Number ، ٖ‫ًث٤ؽ ك٢ اُك‬ ْ٣‫هع‬ Old ‫ؾ٣د ، ٗلط‬ Oil ‫كوط‬ Only ‫ٝازع‬ One ‫جروب مع ً على الياهو‬ ‫ا‬ / Maaan English Book ...
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