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Unformatted text preview: 02 ‫ٓؼ٘اٛا‬ ‫أٌُِح‬ ‫ٓؼ٘اٛا‬ ‫أٌُِح‬ ٢ً‫زاظ ، غ‬ Sharp ‫قثؼح‬ Seven ‫قل٤٘ح‬ Ship ٢ٛ She ‫ٗؼَ ، زػاء‬ Shoe ‫هٔ٤ى‬ Shirt ‫٣ـِن‬ Shut ‫هً٤ؽ‬ Short ‫الكرح ، ؼٓؿ ، ٣ٞهغ‬ Sign ‫خاٗة ، ٗاز٤ح‬ Side ‫تك٤ط‬ Simple ‫كُ٢ ، كُح‬ Silver ، ‫أضد ، ٓٔؽَح‬ ‫ؼاٛثح‬ Sister ‫أػؿب ، ٓلؽظ‬ Single ‫قرح‬ Six ‫٣دِف ، ٣وؼع‬ Sit ‫خِع‬ Skin ‫ه٤اـ ، ٓواـ‬ Size ّ‫٣٘ا‬ Sleep ‫قٔاء‬ Sky ‫يـ٤ؽ‬ Small َٜٔ‫٣ثطئ ، ٣ر‬ Slow ٖ‫ظضإ ، ٣عض‬ Smoke ْ‫اتركآح ، ٣ثرك‬ Smile ٍ‫تؼ‬ Some ْ‫ٗاػ‬ Soft ‫يٞخ‬ Sound ‫أؿ٘٤ح‬ Song ٌِْ‫٣ر‬ Speak ‫خ٘ٞب‬ South ٠‫٣رٜد‬ Spell ‫ضاو‬ Special ‫ِٓؼوح‬ Spoon ٢ُٔ٣ ، ‫٣٘لن‬ Spend ّٞ‫٣وق ، ٣و‬ Stand ‫ؼت٤غ،ؾٗثؽى ، ٣٘ثٞع‬ Spring ‫٣ثعأ‬ Start ‫ٗدٔح‬ Star ‫ٓؼعج‬ Stomach ‫٣ًِن‬ Stick ‫هًح‬ Story ٕ‫ٓسَ ، ٣طؿ‬ Store ‫ناؼع‬ Street ‫ؿؽ٣ة‬ Strange ‫٣عؼـ‬ Study ١ٞ‫ه‬ Strong ‫قٌؽ‬ Sugar ‫ٓلاخئ‬ Sudden ‫جروب مع ً على الياهو‬ ‫ا‬ / Maaan English Book ...
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This note was uploaded on 01/27/2012 for the course ENGL 1003 taught by Professor Kornish during the Spring '11 term at St. Mary NE.

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