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Unformatted text preview: 03 ‫ٓؼ٘اٛا‬ ‫أٌُِح‬ ‫ٓؼ٘اٛا‬ ‫أٌُِح‬ ‫نٔف‬ Sun ‫ي٤ق‬ Summer ِٞ‫ز‬ Sweet ‫أً٤ع‬ Sure ‫طاُٝح‬ Table ‫٣كثر‬ Swim ٌِْ‫٣ر‬ Talk ‫٣أضػ‬ Take ِْ‫٣ؼ‬ Teach َ٣ٞ‫ط‬ Tall ، ‫٣وٍٞ ، ٣طثؽ‬ ١ٝ‫٣ؽ‬ Tell ‫كؽ٣ن‬ Team ‫اضرثاؼ ، ٣طرثؽ‬ Test ‫ػهؽج‬ Ten ‫ٛ٘اى‬ There ١‫غُي ، اُػ‬ That ‫ن٢ء‬ Thing ْٛ They ‫ٛػا‬ This ٖ‫٣لٌؽ، ٣ؼروع ، ٣ظ‬ Think ‫زِن‬ Throat ‫ثالثح‬ Three ‫تطاهح ، ذػًؽج‬ Ticket ‫ضالٍ ، تٞاقطح‬ Through ‫ٓرؼة‬ Tired ‫ٝهد‬ Time ‫ا‬ ً‫ؿع‬ Tomorrow ‫ا‬ ً ‫ٓؼ‬ Together ٖ‫ق‬ Tooth ٕ‫ُكا‬ Tongue ‫هطاؼ‬ Train ‫ٓع٣٘ح ، تِعج‬ Town ‫٣كاكؽ‬ Travel ْ‫٣رؽخ‬ Translate ‫ندؽج‬ Tree ‫طثن اُطؼاّ ، ي٤٘٤ح‬ Tray ٍٝ‫٣سا‬ Try ‫زو٤و٢ ، ياظم‬ True ٖ٤٘‫اث‬ Two ٍٞ‫٣ِق ، ٣عٝؼ، ٣س‬ Turn ‫ٓظِح‬ Umbrella ‫ٗٞع ، ٣طثغ‬ Type ، ّ‫٣كرطع‬ َٔ‫٣كرؼ‬ Use ْٜ‫٣ل‬ Understand ‫ا‬ َ‫خع‬ Very ‫ٓؼراظ ، ٓأُٞف‬ Usual ٍٜ٘٣ ، ‫٣كر٤وظ‬ Wake up ‫٣٘رظؽ‬ Wait ‫جروب مع ً على الياهو‬ ‫ا‬ / Maaan English Book ...
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This note was uploaded on 01/27/2012 for the course ENGL 1003 taught by Professor Kornish during the Spring '11 term at St. Mary NE.

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