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Unformatted text preview: 04 ‫ٓؼ٘اٛا‬ ‫أٌُِح‬ ‫ٓؼ٘اٛا‬ ‫أٌُِح‬ ‫٣ؽ٣ع‬ Want ‫خعاؼ‬ Wall ‫ظاكئ‬ Warm ‫زؽب‬ War َ‫٣ـكَ ، ٣ـرك‬ Wash ٕ‫ًا‬ Was ١ٝ‫ٓاء ، ٣ؽ‬ Water ، ‫٣ؽهة ،٣سؽـ‬ ‫قاػح ٣ع‬ Watch ٖ‫ٗس‬ We ‫طؽ٣ن‬ Way ‫٣ؽذع١ ، ٣ِثف‬ Wear ٖٛ‫َؼ٤ق ، ٝا‬ Weak ، ً ٓ‫خ٤عً ، ذٔا‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ا‬ ً ٘‫زك‬ Well ‫أقثٞع‬ Week ‫ؿؽب‬ West ‫ًاٗٞا‬ Were ‫ٓاغا ، ٓا‬ What َ‫ؼطة ، ٓثر‬ Wet ‫أ٣ٖ ، ز٤ث‬ Where ‫ٓر٠ ، ػ٘عٓا‬ When ‫ت٤٘ٔا ، ز٤ثٔا‬ While ١‫أ١ ، اُر٢ ، ٓا ، اُػ‬ Which ٞٛ ٖٓ ، ١‫اُػ‬ Who ٍ٤‫أت‬ White ‫ؾٝخح‬ Wife ‫ُٔاغا‬ Why ‫٣لٞؾ ، ٣ؽتر‬ Win ، ‫قٞف ، ٝي٤ح‬ ‫٣ؽؿة‬ Will ‫نراء‬ Winter ‫ٗاكػج‬ Window ‫ٓغ‬ With ْ٤ٌ‫ز‬ Wise ‫ًِٔح‬ Word ‫آؽأج‬ Woman ‫ػاُْ ، ظٗ٤ا‬ World َ‫ػَٔ ، نـ‬ Work ‫٣ٌرة‬ Write ‫هِن ، ٣وِن‬ Worry ‫ق٘ح‬ Year ‫ضطأ‬ Wrong ْ‫ٗؼ‬ Yes ‫أيلؽ‬ Yellow ‫أٗد‬ You ‫أٓف‬ Yesterday ‫يلؽ‬ Zero ‫ناب‬ Young ‫ٛٞاء‬ Air ‫ٝؼ٣ث‬ Heir ‫جروب مع ً على الياهو‬ ‫ا‬ / Maaan English Book ...
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This note was uploaded on 01/27/2012 for the course ENGL 1003 taught by Professor Kornish during the Spring '11 term at St. Mary NE.

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