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MKT 360 Test 2 Review Fall 2006 IMPORTANT CONCEPTS Chapter 7 – The International Legal Environment 1. The differences btw the patent laws of the US and Japan : a. US – protects the invention + the inventor 1. secret application 2. quick process 3. long period of protection b. Japan – benefits society 1. public application 2. long process 3. short period of protection 2. What kind of product pricing strategy was Wal-Mart not allowed to use in Germany ? a. Retail Price Maintenance laws OR loss leader pricing 3. What is the law in many European countries on the use of comparative advertising ? a. Comparative advertising: mentioning your competitor in your ad + saying yours is better than theirs. b. Is legal in the US as long as you speak the truth but… c. in other countries it is seen as unfair competition and so they impose marketing controls 4. What is the basis for Common Law : a. tradition b. past practices c. legal precedents set by Courts (English Law) Countries it’s presently used : England, US, Canada, + other former English influence countries 5. How is ownership of intellectual property determined in Common Law ? a. determined by first to use 6. The basis for Code Law : Comprehensive system of written rules or codes Countries it’s presently used : the majority of countries in the world (70) 7. How is ownership of intellectual property determined in Code Law ? a. determined by the first to register 8. What is the basis of Islamic Law ? Based on the interpretation of the Koran – found only in this 1 book Countries it’s presently used : 27 Muslim countries 9. What is the basis for Socialist Law : law is subordinate to economic conditions 10. What is International Law : the rules + principles that states + nations consider binding unto themselves a. a collection of treaties, conventions, + agreements btw nations that have, more or less, the force of law 11. How is International Law created ? when a group of nations decide to follow them amongst themselves a. there’s no intnl lawmaking body 12. the ISO: International Organization for Standards – a non-govt group w/a lot of power
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a. ISO 9000+14000- concerned w/quality management + environmental management why do its standards have the effect of International Law ? b. they have the pwr of intnl law because of the way they’ve been accepted internationally 13. What kind of standard is the ISO developing for the WTO and why is it needed ? a. technical standards - so that the WTO can have a technological standard that they know foreigners can’t meet – which in turn creates a trade barrier (protectionism) 14. What is the difference between a Patent, a Trademark, and a Copyright ? a.
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MKT_360_Test_2_Review - MKT 360 Test 2 Review Fall 2006...

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