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So you finally did it - So you finally did it You graduated...

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Unformatted text preview: So you finally did it! You graduated college. By this time not even your grandparents thought you would ever finish college. But somehow you managed to get a bachelors degree in physics and it only took you nine years. Pretty impressive. So what do you do now you ask? Well you could party. Partying is always a good idea, and after nine years of college you have partying down to a science. But your funds are lackinig and after 18 semesters of student loans, you have accumulated a substantial amount of debt.You need a job! You spent so much time worrying about graduating college you weren't prepared to enter the work place. You now have many questions you must ask yourself so that you may get into a feild that is best suited to your needs. First of all it's good practice to make a list of career's that you might already have in mind and that you are interrested in before job seeking. This will help narrow your job search. But keep in mind that it's not always possible to get the ideal job sometimes we must take just about any job offered to us so...
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