Biometrics Job Skills - Biometrics Job Skills The world is...

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Biometrics Job Skills The world is now known as a global village constantly evolving in the chain of science and technology. Most economic theories have ignored the effect of computers and technology on the world. As a matter of fact, since the inception of computers, the world of work has been completely revolutionized. Different fields of occupations have greatly benefited from the invention of computers and technology. Job opportunities and company earnings have skyrocketed due to higher productivity with the aid of computers and technology. The growth of any economy feeds primarily in information and new creations which is actually provided by computers and technology. Computers and technology have changed the course of history and will continue to do so. (Terrell, 1996) Apart from increasing job opportunities in already existing jobs, computers and technology have created new jobs and brought more flexibility into job selections. New jobs like webmasters, data miners, cyber counselors, computer programmers, technicians and data analysts have arisen creating millions of job opportunities for those studying in computer-related fields and other fields. The constant growing demand for computer and technology professionals increased by the clock and raised the value of these jobs dramatically. As a result, not only were the number of available jobs affected, but also the earnings were also influenced. According to a survey during May 2004, the median annual earnings of computer and information scientists were as high as $85,190 which is a large multiple of the figures in previous decades. (U.S. Department of Labor, 2006) In a nutshell, computers and technology have not only created several job opportunities in my chosen field of study but have also raised the level of salaries in those jobs. Experts predict that in the future,
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Biometrics Job Skills - Biometrics Job Skills The world is...

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