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Outside of UMD, I am most associated with Intech. I have been working there for about two years as a warehouse and shipping technician. My job description is to fill customer orders, get orders ready to ship or pickup, and oversee the inventory processes throughout the warehouse. During my duties, I interact with many different people whether they are customers or fellow employees. Most of the interaction is work related, but some interaction is not. I have to interact with other employees in order to fill orders and check inventory. If I cannot find something, I have to talk with other employees and try to track down the item or the error. If I cannot communicate effectively with other employees, then it would take me a lot longer to get this simple task completed. I also have to interact with managers to let them know of problems, concerns, etc. My position in the company also requires me to interact with the customers. This
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Unformatted text preview: can be through simply loading orders on a truck or handling issues that deal with past, present, or future shipments. No matter what I do within the organizati. .. ... middle of paper . .. ... gets done . Everyone has a different opinion and that’s what helps get things done. If everyone thought the same way, we would not be able to find new ways of doing things more efficiently. Intech is a great organization and I am happy to be working there. Every day is different and they treat their employees well. I do not regret making the decision to work for them, and I hope to continue working there in the future. I have already noticed a few changes in myself since working there and I look forward to more improvements in the future....
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